Maggie Robbins's Suzy Zeus is a deadpan dead-on character - nobody's nice girl - whose life in hypnotic verse is boldly told. Powerful, dark, and hard to forget.

–Naomi Wolf

Maggie Robbins has a vocabulary, a rhythm, a diction, and a message that are hers and hers alone. Her writing is tough, brazen, exuberant, and ironic; and yet it is touched, always, with a spirit of great generosity and tenderness.

–Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon

Suzy Zeus Gets Organized is a singular and wonderful work. I was delighted and moved by it. Maggie Robbins has created an extraordinary character whose dilemmas subtly and bracingly tell us about the way we live now.

–Janet Malcolm

With mordant humor and infinite pluck, Suzy catapults through men, work, religion, and the minefield of her own neuroses. And always - indubitably, inevitably, deliciously - in rhyme. Though written in the cadences of childhood, Suzy Zeus Gets Organized is unmistakably adult. These are thrilling and infectious poems, a stunning piece.

–Doug Wright, Pulitzer Prize–winning
author of I Am My Own Wife