Suzy lives in New York City,
Touch him and she'll break your arms.
land of crops, of Fords and farms.
Suzy hails from Indiana
land of cops and car alarms.
Suzy lives six blocks from Harry.
Suzy Zeus Gets Organized, the first novel from Maggie Robbins, is available at your favorite bookstore. You can also shop on-line by clicking on the buying suzy box above.
Heart-rending, hilarious, and compassionate, Suzy Zeus Gets Organized tracks a blundering bombshell as she risks all, ricocheting from man to man, place to place, through a haze of sensuality, spirituality, serendipity, and psychosis.
Suzy Zeus Gets Organized was excerpted in Andrew Solomon's bestselling The Noonday Demon. The first chapter of poems was published in Tin House literary magazine. "Suzy Takes the Wheel" was included in American Poet, Fall 2005.